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540W Professional Photographic Studio Strobe Flash Lighting Kit

540W Professional Photographic Studio Strobe Flash Lighting Kit

  • This professional kit is perfect for advertising products
  • Complete kit at an incredible price!
  • Excellet for professionals or ameture photographers alike.
  • One Year Warranty!
  • All items in kit are brand new!

A professional kit with everything you need to start taking great photos.

Three 180W Studio Strobe Flash Lights

Barn Door

Soft boxes & umbrellas

Three light stands

1 carrying bag

High quality barn door with honeycomb

4 Color Gels (Translucent, blue, red, yellow)

This 4 leaf barndoor set is specifically designed for use on the reflector. Barndoors is essential accessories for any lighting system. These devices alter the shape, intensity, or color of the lig

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

Price: $ 230.46

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4 comments to 540W Professional Photographic Studio Strobe Flash Lighting Kit

  • J Azizi

    Review by J Azizi for 540W Professional Photographic Studio Strobe Flash Lighting Kit
    When I was buying this item I looked on every website to find any review of this producted, but there was none. Any ways hope this will help you guys if you want to buy it.

    Let start with the carrying case, you would love the quality of the carrying case, enough space to carry the gear and even space for extra storage, the material is really nice.

    The softboxes come in two sizes 50×70 and 60×60, there is no instruction manual so you will have to figure out y ourself how to assemble it, but dont worry its not very difficult to assemble the soft boxes. The site says one of the umbrellas is silver and one in black, but i received two silver umbrellas 33″ the barn door is so easy to assemble and with different colours.

    The materials does not look cheap at all, the stands are stable, the flash re-cycle time in full power is about 8-9 seconds and in half power it takes about 4 seconds to recycle.. The trigger working perfect and the rest of the flash are triggered automatically .. overall for the price you pay to this item, its all worthed and i would say go for it!!!

  • Gloria MArtinez Badillo

    Review by Gloria MArtinez Badillo for 540W Professional Photographic Studio Strobe Flash Lighting Kit
    I highly recommend this kit to everyone who is interested in amateur photography and is learning about lighting. This kit has everything you need and works ok.The delivery was super fast.

    Every flash unit is working, but an observation, in high power output the charging speed is 4 to 5 secs, if you expect high refresh speed and high power consider another kit, this is adequate for amateur photographer.

    In general is a good product considering the price.

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