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Digital Flash Meter

Digital Flash Meter

  • Oversized LCD display shows all the data and functions clearly and easily
  • Custom Program Level Function lets you personalize your meter to match your style of shooting. Adjust the meter level
  • Eight additional shutter speeds available to match the sync speed of virtually any camera.
  • Multi flash feature makes it simple to calculate how many times the flash must be fired to achieved a desired f/ stop.

Click Here For Package Contents:Polaris is a professional exposure meter with world-class features and performance, at a fraction of the cost of comparable models. Polaris has the function and microprocessor-driven accuracy you expect, plus some additional conveniences might not, like an oversized LCD display, multi-flash capability and user-preset program levels. More features and a lower price makes Polaris an unbeatable value. Oversized LCD display shows all the data and functions clearly and

Rating: (out of 4 reviews)

Price: $ 169.95

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4 comments to Digital Flash Meter

  • G. Cade

    Review by G. Cade for Digital Flash Meter
    This is an amazing Flash Meter, not expensive but it does the job very well. Easy to use.

  • K. Schmitt

    Review by K. Schmitt for Digital Flash Meter
    I went through several tests with this meter up against a higher priced Minolta flash meter, and they matched each time. This Polaris is worth the money

  • J. Hall

    Review by J. Hall for Digital Flash Meter
    This meter has the functions that I needed at a good price. The white bubble is cheap, though. Anyway, I have used all of its functions at one time or another. If this unit was more rugged, it would be five stars. As is, four stars.

  • DigitalXposure

    Review by DigitalXposure for Digital Flash Meter
    read reviews and thought this would be suitable for my needs. Upon using this for a couple months, I wish I would have spent more money to get a quality light meter.