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Lastolite LL LR1250 12-Inch Ezybalance Card (Grey/White)

Lastolite LL LR1250 12-Inch Ezybalance Card (Grey/White)

  • High Quality – Revolutionary Tool

The Ezybalance is a revolutionary tool, ideal for adjusting color balance and exposure settings in both digital and film format cameras, as well as DV cams.

The Ezybalance gives accurate color rendition to cameras by providing a pure white surface upon which the camera can perform a white balance. The other side of the Ezybalance provides an 18% gray card surface suitable for adjusting the camera to get the most accurate exposure setting.

Rating: (out of 23 reviews)

List Price: $ 36.00

Price: $ 27.95

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7 comments to Lastolite LL LR1250 12-Inch Ezybalance Card (Grey/White)

  • GZ

    Review by GZ for Lastolite LL LR1250 12-Inch Ezybalance Card (Grey/White)
    This is a tool that will improve my workflow and my results. I’ve been reluctant to take a gray card with me in the past because of their size. So I’d correct color in post as best I could (shooting raw helps, of course). With this product I can now quickly do a very accurate custom WB and since it folds down easily to a very compact size it can fit easily in even my smallest camera bag.

    I put the Ezbalance to a real test at a recent NBA game where I was luck enough to have courtside seats. The lighting in an arena is tough to balance. With the Ezbalance card I set the custom WB and also used it to set a manual exposure (ISO1250, f3.2, 1/500). Shot the entire game that way, with the best results of any sporting event yet – perfect color and exposure on every shot. Post-processing couldn’t have been easier – crop, resize, light USM and that’s pretty much it. Since there was no underexposure to speak of noise was more than acceptable.

    Highly recommended from someone who’s tried them all.

  • Robert T. Johnson

    Review by Robert T. Johnson for Lastolite LL LR1250 12-Inch Ezybalance Card (Grey/White)
    This is a great product. Every photographer new to photography that do not understand how to set the white balance or exposure using the camera’s built in light meter, should purchase this 18% gray card or this 18% gray card tool.

    This tool helps take the guess work out of getting the correct white balance and exposure setting right the first time. Even though I know how to use Photoshop to correct the white balance and exposure, it’s more efficient to have the correct settings from the very start, which means less time making corrections during post processing.

    To determine the exposure using the card fist I set my camera’s ISO speed to match the lighting conditions, such as outside ISO 100 indoors ISO 400, meter to spot and mode dial to auto. Then fill the viewfinder with the card and be sure that the focus is out of focus so that you are reading the overall card and not just a spot on the card, with the flash set to off take the picture.

    Now playback the image and display the exposure setting set by the camera, such as f-stop and shutter speed. Now set the camera to manual and set the f-stop and shutter to correspond to the auto settings. Now if your camera has a manual white balance setting follow the above methods to set the white balance. My Nikno D60 has just such a function, which will allow for setting the white balance by taking a picture of a gray or white card to set the manual white balance and hold that setting in memory or use another pictured stored on the media card with correct the white balance settings.

    Now your settings are correct for exposure and white balance and you can start taking pictures. Remember if your location or the lighting changes you must recalibrate the white balance and exposure.

    If you are experienced in using Photoshop, open an image and on the menu bar got layer > new adjustment layer > levels and click Ok to create the adjustment layer, select the middle gray eyedropper and click the gray card in the image. You may or may not see a change, if the exposure or white balance was set correctly there will be no change, but if the setting were not correct you will see the exposure and white balance change.

    The out come that you want is no change, this will mean that everything was set correctly and that no adjustments are needed. But if there were changes and there are other image taken under the same lighting conditions you can save the level setting and use it to correct the other images, with the levels dialog window still open click the save button and give the level settings a name and save it and save the corrections made to the image.

    To use the saved settings to correct another image just open the image to be corrected and on the menu bar select layer > new adjustment layer > levels and click Ok to create the adjustment layer. Click the load button and load the file that you named and saved in the previous steps, the image will change to reflect the correct exposure and white balance click Ok and save the image.

    This will help in post processing by allowing you to make corrects in a timely manner.

    If you use Photoshop’s Lightroom you can save the setting and then apply it to many images at one time, which will speed up the post processing time.

  • DMiller

    Review by DMiller for Lastolite LL LR1250 12-Inch Ezybalance Card (Grey/White)
    I have been very pleased with this grey card. Love the fact that it is collapsible down to a little 4″ square. Fits right in my camera backpack so I have it whenever I may need it.

    I would recommend it over regular grey cards anyday!

  • Seth Sherman

    Review by Seth Sherman for Lastolite LL LR1250 12-Inch Ezybalance Card (Grey/White)
    Not much to say other than it is much sturdier than a standard gray card made from cardboard and it fold up into a small pouch which makes it easy to carry with you, wherever you go. Great product!

  • Pa from Rockland

    Review by Pa from Rockland for Lastolite LL LR1250 12-Inch Ezybalance Card (Grey/White)
    I’m just a amateur just trying to improve my photos via post production and since I have been using Lastolite for a balance card the results have been very impressive. I like that it folds up quickly into it’s own pouch and it is very lightweight.

  • R. Birnie

    Review by R. Birnie for Minolta 8058-103 Auto Meter VF
    Used this meter on loan from my photography professor. Thought it was just the run of the mill meter till I got my negatives back. Every single one of them was spot on! From difficult multi-light situations to mutli min exposures.

  • F. Susanto

    Review by F. Susanto for Minolta 8058-103 Auto Meter VF
    Good purchase and the condition is as new. However, the item does not come with manual as mentioned, which is dissapointing.