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Some Simple Ways to Protect Your Studio Lighting Kits

Today I want to talk a little bit about the light stands  and how important they are. Most (if not all) not all of the studio lighting kits on the market include light stands. However, some of them are not reliable enough as they should be. My studio lighting kit is a cheap one and even though I’m very happy with it I have to admit that the quality of the light stands is really poor. :-( Here is what happened the other day. Friend of mine came to my place to take picture of him and his family for the US DV 2011 lottery. I went trough the requirements and prepared my studio lighting kit and started shooting. Everything was going just fine when at one moment one of my strobes fell down and flashed 5-6 times in a second. Then it stopped working.  You can imagine my frustration when one of the strobes stopped working. :-(. Of course, one of the first things I checked was the safety fuse and of course it had burned. Fortunately we have finished with the shooting session it was not so urgent to fix the strobe right away. All this happened because of poor quality light stands! I knew how important it is to secure the light stands with sandbags, or with whatever you can, but this time I didn’t do it, relying solely on the light stands. This mistake may be will cost me a lot… Anyways, I’ve ordered some 5A safety fuses from eBay. These are cheap, and I hope that when I replace the fuse the strobe will work fine again. We’ll see… I could avoid all this if I have taken some simple precaution steps:

1. Use sandbags to make your light stands sturdier! (Just want to mention here that some sandbags can be filled with water, which makes them really very portable). This is really affordable solution and is proven way to protect your studio lighting kit for long time!

2. Avoid too much wire around you. If there is some make sure to ask your clients to be careful with it. The simplest way to avoid some of the wires is to replace your sync cord with radio remote flash trigger if you haven’t done this yet.

3. Tape your stands to the floor. This is simple, yet very effective solution to protect you studio equipment.

So, that’s all from me for now. I’m planning to make an in-depth review of some of the studio light stands next week, so stay tuned and make sure you check our site regularly.